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This is a collection of articles on potential and actual innovative scenarios, for time-frames from now to the end of the 21st century. Several topics are covered below: forests, wild fires, accessible IT, space, education, purpose, robots, energy, sustainability, transport, advanced technologies, virtual reality, traffic pollution, water management and irrigation, and artificial intelligence.

Air filter mask with neutralising solution Innovative Ideas to Win the Biological War!

Water: Irrigation Ideas and Solutions

Good practice for farmers today, and innovative water solutions for tomorrow. Designed to cope with the challenges of climate change: flood and drought. Plus radical innovations, including an option to generate electricity at the same time!

Forest Solutions for the 21st Century

Solutions for: ecosystem degradation and the loss of species; carbon dioxide levels and climate change; and an urgent need for eco-sustainable forests, and new forests.

Obstacles making access to a fire challenging Wild Fires: Access Challenges

Wild fires are becoming a growing threat and we need some innovative solutions. We can envisage several technological solutions, but which will be able to access a fire in any location under any conditions? This presents some of the challenges.

Cognitive Coprocessor

This is an open source design - it is free to use. This device aims to help people with any of the following impairments: limited cognitive ability, dementia, limited hand (finger) coordination, poor eyesight, blind, or (partially) deaf. It is envisaged that such a device will be very useful to many elderly people, and it could benefit young children too. For those people such a device will enhance their quality of life on many levels (memory, performance, ability, health, safety, security, accessibility, etc.). Accessibility!

Space Future Gallery

» Robots

» Made in space

» Space stations

» Rail launcher

» Space bases

The future of education

This interesting short story covers the period 2035 to 2049.

Amazing Innovation Predictions

» Urban transport (2050)

» A letter from the future (2080)

People and Purpose (and Health)

What is the purpose of people and how will it evolve in the future? (happiness, fulfilment)

Astrobot: The bottom line in space activity

A solution to the NASA Space Poop challenge and all other extra-vehicular activity by astronauts.

Solutions for Clean Energy in the 21st Century

This is an introduction to Innovation Future Specialist's winning design for the Abundant Clean Energy XPRIZE. The full details are available on request.

Sustainability Scale

A sustainability scale expressed in years (logarithmically); including examples.

City One designed by Innovation Future Specialist

The transport infrastructure for City One (a city in 2050) is shown, along with an example lunch trip.

Transport technologies in the era 2030 to 2070

The futuristic technologies that will make the transport of cities in 2050 possible. It includes Information and Communications Technology, AI, Robots, 3D Printers, New Materials and Nanotechnology, Self-driving Vehicles, Maglev, Virtual Reality and Remote Avatars!

Virtual Reality: A perfect simulation?

Virtual reality (VR) is already here, but how good will it get?

Reality: The remains of a perfect simulation?

How we got reality from the remains of a perfect simulation. Fact or science fiction? This story starts many years in the future (or is it the past?) ...

Solutions to Traffic Pollution in the 21st Century

In the near future most cities will probably do this. London may start in 2020.

What's wrong with expert predictions about AI?

Unless you're living on Mars, or off the grid, then you should have seen some awesome predictions about artificial intelligence (AI) and what it might, and might not, achieve. So what do the experts predict about the future of AI?

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