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Free Innovation Services (UK)

If you are in the UK then the following services are currently free for you!


Advice Use this to ask about generic aspects of innovation and how you can benefit. Just Ask

See also: the specific services below.


Future If you want to know how the future will affect you in the short or long term then use this. Just Ask

See also: Vision.


Vision It is important to have a vision. Find out why, or ask how to create a relevant vision for your organisation. Just Ask

See also: Future.


Policy To be effective at innovation you need a good policy that supports the staff. Find out more. Just Ask


Strategy Find out about innovation strategies. Just Ask

See also: Vision, Policy and Process.


Process Innovation is not "creativity" - it probably makes use of it, but innovation is more formalised. If you want to be effective, efficient and successful at innovation then you definitely do need an effective innovation process. To find out more Just Ask.


Training Here's an innovative concept: free micro training on demand. As you prepare and then go through your innovation activities, you might need to learn about a specific aspect of innovation. Just Ask

See also: Coaching.


Coaching A coach is someone that has been trained in the coaching process, which helps those being coached to review their current situation, set personal goals for improvement, commit to those goals, and work towards achieving those goals. A qualified coach, with extensive innovation experience, will provide this service to you for free! It is a concise service and is delivered online via email. Just Ask

See also: Training.


If you are in the UK then these services are currently free for you!

To get a relevant response, that is cutomised to your job, it is recommended that you include the URL of your organisation's website and your job title / role.

This free simple service is associated with the conditions in the disclaimer below.

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