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Amazing Innovation Predictions

You would expect a future section from an Innovation Future Specialist, so here are some predictions.

Mobile Broadband (2018)

SpaceX delivered a satellite developed by a UK company. That satellite will deliver mobile broadband for a third of the Earth at 50 megabits per second! And by the end of next year [2018] those data rates will go up to over 300 megabits per second! Pretty mind blowing; especially when you consider the satellite is in geostationary orbit: about 22,000 miles away!

Urban transport (2050)

In 2050 there will still be cars in cities. There will be things similar to cars, but there will be radical differences: Transport in City One (2050).

A letter from the future (2080)

Good news found in a letter from the future, part of which contains a preview of our future energy solutions, perhaps.


The future could be amazing, given exponential progress in science and technology. The future will be amazing, if we choose to make it so.

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