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Energy Solutions for the 21st Century


The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to address the following aspects:

» Poor health and early deaths from air pollution

» Carbon dioxide emissions and climate change

» A need for abundant clean energy

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Despite having a clear understanding of pollution and its impact way back in the 1990s, air pollution in many urban areas and globally continues to get worse! This is serious stuff. Air pollution is responsible for the early deaths of many thousands of people every year! While carbon dioxide emissions are driving climate change at a rate faster than the natural world and humans can cope with. This pollution arises from the burning of fossil fuels to release energy.

There is also an unsatisfied global demand for energy. Many people could have better quality lives if they had access to affordable energy, in particular electricity. Over one billion people do not have access to electricity.

Abundant affordable energy allows us to achieve more things, and to benefit from more solutions. For example, it can improve our quality of life, counteract drought, feed the world, protect islands from rising sea levels, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, stabilise climate temperatures, and turn barren deserts green with crops and rich natural habitats.

You would probably expect people to take this seriously. Some do. So here is a path to abundant clean energy solutions...

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This topic includes the following:

» Future Energy Solutions

» Energy Innovations

» Energy Challenge

» Energy Guidance Tool


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