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Energy Challenge

What we need is an open minded challenge balanced with rigorous scientific testing; to deliver sustainable, abundant, clean, energy solutions for everyone. The following highlights the design of such a challenge.

Winning energy solution: abundant, available, affordable, sustainable and clean
Paths to quick and ultimate clean energy

Phases of the challenge

The challenge consists of the following phases:

» Promotion and submissions

» Theoretical evaluation

» Specify and build

» Practical testing

» Evaluation

» Promote the winners

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More about the phases

The challenge is widely promoted because it is recognised that a range of diverse solutions might be beneficial. Upon receiving the submissions an expert Judging Panel and group of Testers is recruited. The Judging Panel applies a scoring system to each submission to select the best candidates for the next phase.

Specific demonstration projects (or experiments) are designed for each type of technology - the appropriate scientific experiments will be designed, using experts from the relevant fields. The Testers will provide input into this process, particularly with regard to the practical aspects and challenges that might be encountered. A set of minimum requirements will be specified, more so for the criteria associated with the Community Power Prizes. Candidates will then be allowed a number of months to build, or adjust, their prototypes so that they comply with the requirements of the scientific experiments.

The practical testing will be conducted using a strict scientific methodology, by expert Testers in the relevant field.

The Judging Panel applies a scoring system, taking into account the experimental results and associated calculations, to determine the winner(s). Prizes are awarded and the winner(s) promoted globally to encourage deployment of the winning solution(s).

Multi-million dollar prize fund

A solution could win one or more of the following prizes:

» Best energy generation solution

» Best energy storage and/or distribution solution

» Breakthrough in cost​: Best solution that delivers at one tenth (or less) the cost of conventional energy prices.

» Breakthrough in deployment​: Best solution that deploys (builds / installs) an energy generation plant, storage facility or distribution network at one tenth (or less) the conventional cost; or at ten times (or more) the conventional deployment speed.

» Community power​ prizes: Best standalone, independent, static and portable solutions that deliver sufficient power for one home, and can be easily scaled up for a whole village.

Mission complete ✓

Upon completion of the challenge we have a set of solutions that address the overall energy landscape, with paths to quick and ultimate clean energy.

Oh, just one more thing... An online interactive tool could be used as part of the entry process, to allow potential candidates to assess how their prototype compares to the requirements. Also, it could automatically rate and order submissions, to make it easier for the Judging Panel to pick the best entries; particularly useful if many entries are submitted. A brief example is outlined on the following page.


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