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Energy Guidance Tool

See if an energy prototype is up to the challenge. This tool is just for illustrative purposes, and to get you thinking...

Clean and Sustainable

Is the prototype clean and sustainable?

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Fossil fuels: energy source ~ < 1000 years; CO2 emissions not sustainable

Solar power: Sun's lifetime > 1 billion years; environmental impact dependent on solution

How long is the energy source sustainable for?



Environmental impact:



How does the cost of the proposed solution compare to the cost of a traditional solution today?


General purpose solutions

Minimum requirements:

» Provide at least 0.5 kWh (over a 7 hour test period, which is repeated)

» At least 1 Watt of output power (during testing)

Community power prizes

To win these prizes a prototype must score well on the above criteria, and provide electrical power whilst also satisfying the following requirements:

» No pollutants

» Inert, non-toxic, byproducts (preferably biodegrable)

» Durable, with a lifetime >= 10 years (including charge cycles)

Community power: Portable energy prototype

Vision: An individual uses their portable power source to make their morning breakfast and cup of tea, then plugs it into their electric bike for the round trip to and from work, and uses it again at home in the evening. It might require a daily energy top-up.


» Mass <= 5 kg

» Power output >= 2.5 kW

» Energy output >= 2.5 kWh

Seeking prototypes with high energy output.

How much can the prototype deliver? (kWh per day)

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Community power: Energy collecting prototype

Vision: A device that collects / generates energy for a household. It might be installed on the roof, in the house, or near the house.


» Largest surface <= 9 m2

» Volume <= 9 m3

» Peak output >= 2.5 kW (for 1 hour)

Seeking prototypes with high energy output.

How much can the prototype deliver? (kWh per average day)

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