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Future Energy Solutions

Great success often starts with a great vision.

So the following might help...

A letter from the future

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing this letter to you today, the 28th March 2080, and sending it back through time to you, because what you are about to achieve will have a profound impact on your future, much more than you can know! There are some things that I can tell you that won't disrupt the timeline to the future; and some things that have to remain a mystery for now.

I can tell you that you will be pleased to know that in 2080 everyone is happy and many spend their lives doing interesting and fulfilling activities. The environment is clean, and the "blue planet" is now much greener, in every sense. We stopped polluting the air, land and oceans 32 years ago. Similarly, there are no opencast mines, no landfill sites, no nuclear waste storage facilities, and no dumping of waste - there is no waste, the Zero Waste philosophy was adopted globally.

Yesterday 68.3% of our energy was collected from ambient clean energy sources (terrestrial and space-based solar, tidal, wind, wave, deep-geothermal, and from a concept you have yet to discover), 17% was generated by portable "HNX-Fusion" devices, and the remaining energy was supplied from energy stores.

Thanks to the development of cheap ambient temperature superconductors, super-grids span the globe delivering power to every urban area, which includes oceanic cities, and geosynchronous orbiting villages (for tourism, scientific research, solar power collection, and space travel).

Transport is clean and efficient. Perhaps you won't be surprised to hear that all vehicles are electric and drive themselves. The energy sources for vehicles are "XHED batteries", and hydrogen powered fuel-cells.

Everyone has access to electricity, most through the extensive grid, the rest via those transport energy sources I just mentioned.

We have so much abundant (clean) energy now that we can restore the global ecosystem to its original beauty. Geo-engineering technologies reduce CO2 levels and climate temperatures, but the biggest initial drop in CO2 levels came from turning all of the world's deserts green.

Deserts became forests, agricultural zones, and mega-solar-farms. The solar energy allows abundant quantities of clean water to be collected from the seas, to irrigate the land and provide water to local populations; and excess energy is exported.

Finally, you'll be impressed by the XHED batteries: 10 kWh per microgram.

Many of the energy technologies people take for granted today began to emerge from the energy innovations inspired here. So thank you.

Yours sincerely, A.I. Adamson

PS: It is true, robots do all the work and AI is much smarter than humans; but humans have emotions - something AI is not allowed.

PPS: I am an artificial intelligence, and by sending this letter back in time, I am doing my duty to ensure a good outcome for all people across our solar system. Be ambitious!


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