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Reality: The remains of a perfect simulation?

Teddie bear reading a story book This story starts many years in the future (or is it the past?) ...

Humans built a "perfect" reality simulator and everyone eventually joined it willingly because it was so much better than normal life. Everyone had god like powers, and unlimited lifespans.

Eventually though the novelty started to wear off for a few people. There were no real challenges in this new world, and hence no genuine feelings of success or personal achievement. So a group of "rebels" decided to change things. They sabotaged the simulator in a way that removed our God like powers.

This produced the world we live in today. It still has a few traces of those god like powers though. For example, sometimes the phone might ring just when you expect it to; and it may be the person you were just thinking of.

Of course that is just a story - is it not? :-)

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PS: Tell it; write it; film it.

You are free to circulate and adapt this story; just remember to give credit to the original author [Adam Bostock]. I would actually like to see the story fully developed and turned into a film. You are encouraged to do so.

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