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World class innovator and winner of two global innovation prizes!

Modern online innovation services: training, coaching, consultancy, and more...


See the amazing science and technology that will radically change your life, society, business, the environment, and our presence in the solar system. » Gallery of the future


Modern creativity and innovation training courses to suit everyone. High quality and customised. Online: learn wherever you wish and proceed at your own pace. » Creativity and innovation training courses

Benefit from coaching and/or consultancy upon completion of your course. Become a skilled innovator and make an impact! » Impact!


Benefit from concise, focused, relevant, reports that give practical advice. Benefit from customised presentations and tools that you can quickly apply in your workplace. Get help to develop a vision, policy and strategy fit for the 21st century. Get outstanding ideas and innovative solutions. Get future forecasts.


Coaching allows you to develop your applied innovation skills. Week by week, a customised coaching plan will help you to become much more experienced in practical innovation. With consistent coaching you will grasp unique benefits, and become a great innovator.


This forum gives you all of the following: innovative ideas, answers, course previews, vision, offers and more! Not a talk shop; it helps you to get your job done. In the UK? Start today, and become the smartest innovator in your work place!

» UK Innovation Future Forum


You will be amazed at what happened in 2017!

» Quiz: Amazing Innovations in 2017


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