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This blog focuses on current and future innovations; and on the science and technology driving those innovations.

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2017 December

Amazing Innovations in 2017

You will be amazed at what happened in 2017! Play the quiz.

2017 Dec 21

Tags: Science ICT AI NanoMatlBio Robot TransHuman Machine Transport Energy Space

Innovation Future Forum

Perfect for practical hands-on innovation in the UK: answers, innovative ideas, course previews, vision (based on the latest science and technology, and a sense of purpose), toys and tools, and more... Just ask.

2017 Dec 6

Tags: People Purpose Process

2017 November

"Digital Transformation" - that's IT

What is digital transformation, is it something new, or is it just the latest buzz word that people and consultancies pin their name to?

Well it is the latest buzz word, but is it new? Probably not.

The idea is that digital technologies can transform the way that people work, transform services, and transform manufacturing. Infact many things could be transformed by digital technologies.

However, digital technologies are the same as information technologies (IT), or information and communication technologies (ICT). They are all the same. IT has been transforming the way business is done since IT was developed! So "Digital Transformation" is IT.

Some argue that transformation is more than the technology: it is about people and processes. Yes that is true; but good IT departments have been addressing those aspects for decades too. Some poor IT departments might be slow to adapt, inflexible, and lacking in the support they provide to help transform a business (or organisation). That is the fault of the department and its manager, not the limitations of IT.

To counteract poor IT departments, or to complement any IT department (good or bad), an Innovation Hub can be set up which either sits inside or outside the IT department. The Hub is given freedom to experiment, push the boundaries, and innovate. Its staff focus on specific innovation projects, working with the IT department and other members of staff that will use the innovation, or be transformed by it. This IT + Innovation Hub combination is an effective solution to innovation and getting the most out of IT.

2017 November 8

Tags: ICT People Process

2017 October

Innovation Newsletter: The Dark Side

The dark side of innovation: trick or treat

Innovation is great and it delivers fantastic benefits. However, in this edition we are mindful of the season: Halloween and Bonfire Night. So this explores the dark side of innovation.

2017 October 27

Tags: Science ICT AI NanoMatlBio Robot TransHuman Machine Transport Energy Space People Purpose Process

2017 June

Winner of two global energy innovation prizes

Innovation Future Specialist wins two global prizes in the Energy XPRIZE Competition!

Mansfield (UK) based innovator Dr Adam Bostock, owner of Innovation Future Specialist, wins two global innovation prizes!

One prize was for designing a global competition to find the world's most innovative and effective energy technologies: the quest for Abundant Clean Energy. The resulting global competition will be run by the world's greatest innovation challenge organisation: the XPRIZE Foundation!

The other prize was for the winning contribution to the development of a comprehensive wiki on futuristic energy technologies.

See the news article for more: Winner of two global energy innovation prizes

2017 June 6

Tags: Science Machine Energy Space

2017 May

These game-changing solar panels are cheap and can be printed

Energy innovation: solar panels that are cheap and can be printed to cover massive areas

2017 May 30

Tags: Machine Energy

2017 April

Abundant Clean Energy wiki

#1 The world's top contributor to the Abundant Clean Energy wiki is Dr Adam Bostock (Innovation Future Specialist).

This was part of a global challenge to design a world famous XPRIZE. Its aim is to solve the world's energy needs: to develop abundant clean energy solutions. Expect to see more about this fantastic challenge in the future...

See the Contribution Leader-board.

2017 Apr 28

Tags: Science Energy

2017 March

City One designed by Innovation Future Specialist

FUTURE: A smart city in 2050: The transport infrastructure and an example trip through flowing traffic.

NOW: Innovation Future Specialist inspires manufacturers. Airbus is bringing the above vision to life sooner than you think! Airbus Reveals Modular Car, Quadcopter, and Hyperloop Pod

2017 Mar 8

Tags: AI Robot Transport

Dyson to increase UK base tenfold as it buys ex-RAF base to satisfy expansion plans

Could the expanding Dyson business become the next Google (Alphabet) for UK innovation? - looks good...

2017 Mar 1

Tags: AI Robot Machine Transport Energy

2017 February

About the future...

People and Purpose (and Health)

What is the purpose of people and how will it evolve in the future? (health, happiness, and fulfilment)

2017 Feb 28

Tags: AI People Purpose

Astrobot: The bottom line in space activity

In innovation first look at the problem. Is the poop problem [below] one that NASA should be solving, or is there a better way of working? As it happens there is a better solution, one that means astronauts need not be outside in space suits at all. The solution is presented by Innovation Future Specialist.

2017 Feb 20

Tags: ICT Robot Space People

Space Poop Problem-Solvers Take Home Cash Prizes From NASA

How's this for a sh*t solution? Space Astronaut Poop Solutions for NASA

The challenge arose because of hypothetical future missions where NASA expected astronauts to be outside in their space suits for a number of days.

2017 Feb 17

Tags: Space People

Google's “DeepMind" AI Understands The Benefits Of Betrayal

AI similar to humans: sometimes cooperative, and sometimes not.

See also: Predictions about AI.

2017 Feb 14

Tags: AI Purpose

Hero of the Month: HeroX

Hero of the month I am pleased to announce that I am Hero of the Month on the world famous HeroX innovation site.

HeroX seeks solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges. It seeks solutions through the use of Open Innovation. One of its recent popular challenges was set by NASA. You can learn more about innovation, and become a great innovator, with me at Innovation Future Specialist.

2017 Feb 13

Tags: People

City One designed by Innovation Future Specialist

FUTURE: A smart city in 2050: The transport infrastructure and an example trip through flowing traffic.

The transport infrastructure for City One along with an example lunch trip. Additional details for the transport infrastructure and smart traffic systems of this city are available on request. Just ask Innovation Future Specialist.

2017 Feb 10

Tags: AI Robot Transport

Robot Cars Can Teach Themselves How to Drive in Virtual Worlds

The use of AI to label data for training and testing self-driving cars in virtual and real worlds.

2017 Feb 9

Tags: AI Robot Transport Process

Crowdscanning: The future of open innovation and artificial intelligence.

AI will use Open Innovation to get the best solutions.

Open innovation will take on a new meaning as AI will scan internal and open data to find the best ideas.

2017 Feb 9

Tags: AI Process

The most powerful man in UK science on his new role.
Mark Walport will be the first head of a £6-billion "super-agency".

The new UK Research and Innovation body gets a leader: Interview with Mark Walport, head of UKRI.

2017 Feb 9

Tags: Science ICT AI NanoMatlBio Robot TransHuman Machine Transport Energy Space People Purpose Process

WATCH: He’s designing a stairway to heaven, could this uni student bring cheap space travel to our doorsteps?

Nice looking space elevator animation (innovation in the future)

Technically, this might be feasible at the equator, in a geostationary orbit; less so in London or other latitudes.

2017 Feb 9

Tags: NanoMatlBio Robot Transport Space

In the UK? Get free advice, innovative ideas and more...

What a driverless world could look like

What a self-driving world could look like (future of self-driving vehicles)

2017 Feb 8

Tags: Transport

2029 : Singularity Year - Neil deGrasse Tyson & Ray Kurzweil

The singularity by 2029. AI as smart as humans, and direct brain connections to AI in the cloud.

2017 Feb 6

Tags: AI TransHuman

The Robots Are Coming for Your Heart

An artificial implant massages the heart in the event of failure.

2017 Feb 6

Tags: Robot TransHuman Machine

Humans need not apply

AI and robots will take at least 40% of the jobs initially and later just about every job! See why.

This is something everyone should grasp, in order to debate how we want society to look in the future.

2017 Feb 6

Tags: AI Robot People

What is wrong with expert predictions about AI?

The outcome of AI: good or bad?

2017 Feb 6

Tags: AI People Purpose

Robots could replace 250,000 public sector workers

UK: Robots could replace 250,000 public sector workers

Better public sector services but perhaps fewer job. Time to debate how we want our new society to look...

2017 Feb 6

Tags: Robot People

Airbus Is About To Build A Self-Flying Electric Robo-Taxi

Airbus announces its electric powered self-flying taxi. In testing this year. (drones, self-driving)

The prototype is now under construction and will be tested this year. Initially it might only be for wealthy clients, but in 10 to 20 years it might become more widely used.

2017 Feb 3

Tags: Robot Transport

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