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This innovative forum gives you a cost efficient way to learn more about innovation from a world class innovator and prize winner. Plus, if you have a challenge then you can get started on your innovative solution by requesting innovative ideas that are relevant to you! Just ask.

Practical Support

This is not a talk shop; it helps you to get your job done.

You and your organisation get to stay anonymous (from other members) while getting all of the benefits of this innovative forum. This means you can ask questions that you might not ask in a traditional forum - crazy questions sometimes lead to the best ideas and innovations!

Forum membership includes all of the following:

Terms & Conditions

The right is reserved to refuse answers to some questions, and to not provide ideas to some requests. For example our focus is on good innovation, and the avoidance of bad and ugly innovations.

An individual can only have one service pending at any given time (e.g. waiting for ideas, or an answer to a question). Note that other premium services described on this site do not have this condition (e.g. training, coaching, and consultancy).

Terms, conditions and prices may be changed at any time, without notice. The terms of the disclaimer below also apply.

» Innovative ideas for you and your organisation - just say what you want the ideas to solve

» Question and answer, about creativity and innovation - just ask

» Course previews

» Visions of the future based on the latest scientific discoveries, technological developments and innovations

» Special offers on premium services (e.g. training, coaching, and consultancy)

» Toys and tools

Ideas for your innovative solutions

State your creativity brief and get lots of ideas that will help you to find innovative solutions.

Typically, results are provided within two weeks.

You will be given the opportunity to purchase any of these ideas. All remaining ideas, that were not purchased, will be published publicly after one month. So if you see an idea that is very useful to your organisation then you can keep it away from the public and your competitors by purchasing it. We negotiate a reasonable price, which is dependent on the potential impact of the idea, and how long you want to keep the idea off the public list for. You have no obligation to purchase any ideas.

The creativity brief will be published (along with the public ideas) but references to you and your organisation will be removed. So no one will know that you used the service.



Environmental ideas: Reducing toxic emissions from diesel powered vehicles (PDF, 358kB)

Note: Not all ideas will be as detailed as the example above.

Questions and Answers

Ask questions about creativity and innovation, and get answers. Simple. Some answers may be produced within a day, but typically allow a week or so. Questions and answers are posted in the forum without the name of the person and organisation asking the question.

Great value

For UK based employees, this service is currently available for just £16 a month!

✔ Yes that is right. Thanks to innovation we are disrupting the innovation sector itself with this fantastic offer!

The annual fee is payable in advance. Given the great value, this may not be used with any other special offers and discounts.

How to join

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