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Fire Challenge

Wild fires are becoming a growing threat and we need some innovative solutions. We can envisage several technological solutions, but which devices will be able to access a fire in any location under any conditions? This presents some of the challenges.

Obstacles making access to a fire challenging

Closely spaced mature trees might limit the width and height of a device.

Marsh land, swamp or mud might limit the traction of some devices.

Rivers might mean a device would need to be buoyant or waterproof when under water.

The need to access private land via a gate might require human intervention, and authorisation.

Steep inclines, boulders and scree slopes might prevent some devices gaining access.

An airborne device might bypass the above challenges, but how will it perform in bad weather and poor visibility caused by smoke? Will the device be able to carry enough extinguishing material (e.g. water), if that is part of its solution?

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