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Innovation and Creativity Training Courses

Training is delivered as high quality, customised, online courses. You can learn wherever you wish and proceed at your own pace. The premium courses aim to give you relevant knowledge, and a clear understanding of how it applies to your context.

Courses can be customised to your specific needs, your role, and your organisation. This gives you unique benefits: upon completion you will understand the benefits that innovation can provide to your organisation, and you will understand what steps are required to realise those benefits.

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» Modern Creativity Courses

» Effective Innovation Courses

» Specialised and Customised Innovation Courses


Upon completion of a premium course you will be awarded an online certificate, which you can show anywhere you choose on the Internet.

For outstanding performance extra rewards are available:

» Certificate of outstanding performance

» An exclusive invitation to benefit from Training with Impact!

» A cash prize

» Discounts on other courses.

Discounts are also awarded for customer loyalty. A loyal customer is anyone (including a colleague from the same organisation) that purchases another product or service within 12 months, or anyone making a successful recommendation that generates a new client.

(These rewards do not apply to free courses.)

Online Courses

These online courses are fresh and relevant to the 21st century, a century like no other in human history. Learn how to be prepared, be a leader, survive, and thrive.

Free Courses

This quick, free, course is available right now:

» What is Innovation?

» More free things

Be creative...

Creativity and Creative Thinking

Not just the same old stuff: This modern creativity course is relevant to you in this century. It is a one day course (your study time) but you can spread it out over more days if you like.

» Creativity and Creative Thinking Course with Modern Techniques (£ 299)

A cheaper version of the above Creativity and Creative Thinking Course without Modern Techniques is also available (£ 199). If you want even cheaper then see free stuff

Innovate better...

How to Innovate Effectively

This innovation course has customised versions for the following audiences. Please click the link for details and prices.

» Corporations and large businesses

» Further and higher education

» Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

The best course, specialised for you...

Specialised Innovation Courses

Specialised and customised courses can be delivered for the following areas. Please ask for details and express your area of interest.

» Environmental impact, for: global, regional and national levels; large organisations; or SMEs

» Innovation and science

» High technology start up businesses

» Whatever you want!

Please note that courses can be developed to meet your specific requirements.

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