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Training with Impact!

This provides follow on coaching and / or consultancy after a successful training course, to maximise your impact. Specialist tools will also be made available to you, where appropriate, and when you need them.

Uniquely, you can benefit further by selecting the innovative "Training with Impact!" option, which provides direct support following completion of the course. This customised support is delivered as online coaching and/or consultancy (you decide which). It helps you to realise the benefits of your training and to apply it directly to your context, achieving much more impact than training courses alone can ever do.


Coaching allows you to develop your applied innovation skills. Week by week, a customised coaching plan will help you to become much more experienced in practical innovation. With consistent coaching you will be able to break out of the box of conventional thinking and grasp unique benefits.


Consultancy provides your organisation with specific advice. You will benefit from very concise, focused, reports that give practical advice on how you can apply and improve your innovation process. Where appropriate, you will also benefit from customised presentations and tools that you can quickly apply in the workplace.


Online innovation tools are provided to clients that subscribe to "Training with Impact!", coaching or consultancy. These will help you to develop and implement robust innovation policies and strategies, which lead to unique benefits.

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