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Patient Prescription Update: Introduction


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This concept outlines an effective and efficient prescription process for keeping patients updated, and optimising the activities of health care providers, specialty pharmacies and associated third parties. In particular, this concept supports:

» The prescription process for providing patients with biologic medication.

» Real-time updates for patients and key stakeholders in the process.

» Notification options across a range of technologies (e.g. phone, email, and web pages).

» Support for legacy systems.

» Opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness throughout the process, to grow the market, and to benefit from the innovative developments that will disrupt this sector.

[The initial context was the US healthcare sector, hence references to insurance and benefits checks. However, the basic concept can be applied more widely to other countries, and even other sectors.]


roles in the prescription process

Standard prescription process:

» Insurance Check (PA) 

» Send Prescription to Specialty Pharmacy 

» Benefits Investigation 

» Check Patient Availability 

» Dispense Dose 

» Delivery 

In the above diagram the two smaller monochrome processes represent how roles and organisations may evolve in the future, based on changes in the market-place and radical innovations within the sector. Additional value added services and organisations may appear (shown top right). Radical innovations might result in changes to the process and the roles embraced by organisations (shown bottom right). These are described in more detail on the User Benefits page. A flexible and scalable approach to system design is recommended so that it supports existing and future scenarios. This approach is described on the Feasibility and Implementation page.

Use Cases

A series of scenarios are presented (on the pages below) to illustrate the concept from the perspective of each user: doctor, health care provider staff, insurer, specialty pharmacist, and others.

This concept allows each user to access the benefits of the process and associated systems at a variety of levels. For example, in the initial stages some users might use the basic services (e.g. via a phone), others might use email and web access, and the more proactive (early adopters) might choose to benefit from all these options plus the intelligent automation of some of their processes.

Supporting Pages

The following pages cover user scenarios, privacy, benefits, and feasibility and implementation. For the more curious readers, two optional extra pages cover technical details and simple alternatives.

Note: On the following pages all organisations are fictitious companies. Any resemblance to a real company is coincidental and unintentional.

This topic includes the following:

» Patient Updates: PC, Smartphone

» Patient Updates: Phone

» User Benefits

» Privacy

» Feasibility and Implementation

» Technical Details

» Simple Patient Update Systems


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