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Simple Patient Update Systems

To complement the main submission and provide a comprehensive range of options, this page presents simple alternatives for patient prescription updates. For these approaches the primary objective is to keep the patient updated. These systems can be rapidly deployed at very low (or zero) development cost. They lack some of the features and benefits of the main submission, particularly from the perspective of the service providers.

Simple Messaging System

This messaging system allows the service providers to keep the patient informed about the progress of the prescription.

Date Message From Type
2021 March 16 09:15 Benefits investigation started. SP Benefits Investigation Started
2021 March 15 11:32 Prescription sent to specialty pharmacy (SP): ACME Health: https://www.acme.com/pharmacy HCP Contacted Pharmacy
2021 March 14 09:52 PA granted HCP Prior Authorisation Granted
2021 March 12 11:43 A prior authorisation (PA) check has been initiated with your insurer. HCP Prior Authorisation Request
2021 March 12 09:28 You can find information about the prescription process on the website of your health care provider (HCP): https://www.drfarads.com/prescriptions HCP Information

Your Message:

For the service provider user types, default messages could be inserted into the message field by the user just selecting a given message type. This keeps the process quick and simple for them. The message input field could be left blank, unless a customised message needs to be added by the user.

When a new message is added the patient could be informed by email (or SMS text) by a simple message: the date and time, and the text in the Type field. To see the full message the patient would login to the website - thus protecting potentially sensitive information. (If patients preferred then the full message could be included in the email message.)

From: Dr Farads

Subject: Prescription update

Prior Authorisation Granted on March 14th at 09:52

You can find information about the prescription process at https://www.drfarads.com/prescriptions

Really Simple

Of course traditional options for contacting patients exist too, e.g. phone, text message, email, and a letter in the post.

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