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Winner of two global energy innovation prizes

News article for publication, 2017 June 6th.

What is XPRIZE?

The world's most famous innovation challenges are run by the XPRIZE Foundation.

The challenges inspire breakthrough innovations that will have a significant impact on our future. These challenges are sometimes described as moon-shots because they aim to achieve things that people think are impossible, like going to the Moon in the era of the space race. In fact one of the XPRIZEs does involve going to the Moon. Another XPRIZE led to the development of the Star Trek like medical Tricorder.

You can learn more about the world famous XPRIZE here: XPRIZE.

World class innovator, Innovation Future Specialist, has won two global innovation prizes for the development of the Energy XPRIZE!

The Mansfield (UK) based business has won two prizes in the global HeroX Abundant Clean Energy competition. These prizes were awarded for:

» The design of an XPRIZE energy challenge to identify technologies that will supply the world with abundant clean energy; and

» The final winning contributions to the associated wiki that lists potential future energy technologies, and methods for their comparison.

Dr Adam Bostock, the owner of the business, said:

I am thrilled to have won such significant prizes, and to be associated with the world famous XPRIZE. It's great to think that this might result in a solution to the world's energy needs, and might even solve climate change too!
It shows that people can make a difference irrespective of where they live: in the 21st century you don't have to live in a city to make a difference. Hopefully, this might put Mansfield on the innovation map - that would be great too.

Winning energy solution: abundant, available, affordable, sustainable and clean
Paths to quick and ultimate clean energy

The energy XPRIZE aims to identify energy sources that are abundant and clean. That means the cost of that energy will be affordable and accessible to all people on Earth, and its environmental impact will be minimal. Currently, over one billion people don't even have access to electricity and a new energy source might address the needs of those people too. Clean technologies would not emit air pollutants, including carbon dioxide. So that means better air quality (and health), and perhaps a solution to climate change!

The technologies might go even further... into space, perhaps tapping the vast amounts of energy from the Sun, and over the coming decades supporting colonies in Earth orbit, and on the Moon and Mars.

In the meantime the XPRIZE team will be working on the details of the challenge over the coming months. When the challenge is launched it could become one of the most exciting and significant innovation challenges we have ever seen; but that will also depend on the ambition and efficacy of the teams and technologies that enter...


About Innovation Future Specialist

Innovation Future Specialist offers modern online innovation services: training, coaching, consultancy, and future foresight.

The business focuses on helping employees and businesses in the UK to become more innovative, but it also looks at our global future.

The Design

An outline of the energy challenge design can be see here: Energy Solutions for the 21st Century.


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