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Specialist: Dr Adam Bostock

Hello! Thank you for visiting this site. I am sure that if you take a look around this site, and subscribe to its services, you will learn something new, something interesting, and something useful. I can say this with confidence as most of my life has focused on innovation, in all of its forms. This site gives you the benefits of my extensive knowledge, practical experience, and clear understanding of innovation. The site also provides the findings of on-going global research, and a window into the future.


XPRIZE Foundation


Ethics Net

University of Derby

University of Nottingham


West Nottinghamshire College

EMFEC and Prince's Trust

Cottam Power Station

Mansfield District Council

Nottinghamshire County Council

Alan Meale MP


New College Nottingham

Castle Rock Consultants

Chronos Richardson


GEC / Marconi

Several small and medium sized businesses

In my current and former roles (as a consultant, manager, business owner, and developer of various innovations) I have worked with people at all levels, in many types of organisation. So whether you are a CEO, executive, senior or middle manager, technical specialist, expert, scientist, or any other role, you are welcome.

Laboratory In science, technology and the environment, I have a good understanding of every aspect and would be very interested to work with people in those sectors. This also includes coming up with bright ideas and innovative solutions. Equally, I have a clear understanding of how these areas may develop in the future [some call this "futurology", "futurism" or being a "futurist"].

You can quickly gain further unique benefits from the fact that I provide a clear and concise approach to the development of innovation policies and strategies. This, along with an excellent technical understanding, is a strong unique selling point.

I am happy to work with anyone who is in a position to make innovation happen, and wishes to do so.


I have formal qualifications in science (BSc Honours in physics), the environment (PhD in traffic pollution), adult teaching, and coaching.


My career includes several "claims to fame" :

» Winner of two global innovation prizes, for the Energy XPRIZE!

» Development of the first prototype for voice mail (in the UK)

» Automation of factories across the world, including the largest food corporation in the world

» Pioneering world-wide innovations in smart transport technologies and related information systems

» Development of pan-European advanced transport telematics strategies

» Development of the most advanced road traffic emissions model in the world

» A unique approach to environmental improvements via innovative transport strategies and technologies

» Information and IT manager at the best further education college in the UK (as then rated by independent inspection)

» Development of the first HND E-Business course in the UK

» Almost became a "dot-com millionaire", well almost

I have also spent a significant amount of time developing e-learning (or online learning) resources for further and higher education [colleges and universities].


I worked with Dr. Adam Bostock for a number of years in the same team at the University of Derby. I can testify that he knows his stuff and I associate him with big, unique technological projects which he has always delivered on time and to high standards. Once stakeholders spell out their requirements, Adam runs with developments and in no time there will be a deliverable to showcase.

Dr Tendai Dube, University of Derby

I have known Adam since 2009 and in that time I have always found him to be hard-working, conscientious and thorough. He is committed to identifying innovative approaches to the use of technology to support learning, teaching and assessment activities in a wide range of contexts. Adam has a breadth of expertise in using, and supporting others to use, technology to enhance their academic practices. I consider Adam to be someone who has the skills and knowledge to help others identify innovative ways in which technology can enhance their pedagogic practices.

Asst. Professor Charlie Davis, University of Nottingham

Hero of the month Awarded "Hero of the Month" status by HeroX.

So you are in good hands.

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