Free Course: What is Innovation?

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Optional Stretch Task

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Rate Your Organisation

Rate how innovative your organisation is currently, in terms of level of impact.

You can either print this out and write on it [pen and paper is a great innovation], or copy and paste this into a document of your own choosing. And, if you want to be really bold, paste the completed form into your public blog [please seek permission from your employer first]; or if that is too scary how about the private intranet owned by your organisation [you do have one, right?]. Please include a reference to this web site and business [the footer], thanks.

For the following questions, provide answers that apply to the last 12 months.

» Examples where we are at: Level 0: No innovation

» Examples where we are at: Level 1: Departmental innovation

» Examples where we are at: Level 2: Organisational innovation

» Examples where we are at: Level 3: Incremental product or service innovation

» Examples where we are at: Level 4: New product or service innovation

» Overall: So looking at all of the examples above, how innovative would you say your organisation is currently?

If you repeat the above exercise for three previous years then you may see a trend. Are you getting more innovative or less innovative?

Comment: Out in the big wide world the pace of innovation is increasing, at an exponential rate in some cases. So if your organisation does not look good in the above criteria then you need to get innovating quickly, and effectively.


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