Free Course: What is Innovation?

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End of the course

Congratulations, you have reached the end of this course.

I hope that along the way you have gained an understanding of what innovation is, and the fantastic, unique, benefits that it can achieve.

Whatever you do in life, do yourself a favour and remember that innovation can be used to improve anything.

Be part of the innovation adventure and learn how you can innovate effectively:

» Understand the innovation process

» Review and develop your existing innovation processes

» Optimise your creativity, ideas generation, and (scientific) discovery

» Understand innovation in the context of best practice, the environment, and quality control

» Learn about innovation policies and strategies, and "secret advantage XA"

In addition to training, you can benefit from innovation coaching and consultancy, including a futurology service. See the home page for details.

Please provide feedback to say what was good about this web site, and what was good about this course. Please also include your suggestions for improvement. Thank you.

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