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Global Security Toolkit

Author: Dr Adam Bostock, Innovation Future Specialist

This interactive toolkit facilitates the development of sustainable global security. It helps you to identify risks to our global security, and benefit from innovative solutions and support.

Global Security Toolkit

The toolkit consists of three aspects:

» A concise, interactive, hierarchical outline of the risks

» Detailed risk scenarios and innovative solutions, and

» Free support to help you develop any of these solutions.

This toolkit includes a wide range of topics and innovative concepts. The author acknowledges that there are many (widely published) conventional solutions, some of which have been mentioned here. However, there are also new global risks that require radically innovative solutions, and this toolkit includes those too.

Key sections include Science and Technology, Resources, the Environment, and People.

Topics include the following: information and communications technology (ICT); Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots; Cyborgs and transhumanism; Science; Bio-technology and nano-technology; advanced Virtual Reality (VR); Solar Flares; Land; Energy; Water; Food; Minerals; Waste; Natural Ecosystems; Agriculture; Mining; Urban areas; Pollution; People (Needs, Health, Pandemic, Happiness and fulfilment, Wants, and Conflict); and a few topics that are literally out of this world!

This topic includes the following:

» Global Scenes

» Future Risks and Solutions



Wed 23 Sep 12:32:30 BST 2020