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City One Plans

The transport infrastructure for City One (a city in 2050) is shown below.

City Plan: Above Ground

transport infrastructure map

Click link to see a full screen City Plan: Above Ground

Maglev (magnetic levitation) lines run between buildings, and within buildings (both vertically and horizontally).

There are roads for self-driving vehicles, and dynamically allocated routes in "Robot World"...

City Plan: Below Ground (Robot World)

underground map

Click link to see a full screen City Plan: Below Ground

The underground levels are used by robots to manufacture, maintain and provide services.

When excessive demand is placed on parts of the above ground transport network, the robots reallocate their working spaces (and pack some things away if need be) to make additional routes available in parts of the city that are in demand. This can happen on a daily basis, and the robots make preparations the night before.


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