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Innovation Future 1:1

Practical Support

This service helps you to get your job done by providing you with practical answers and support on demand.

This premium comprehensive, private, one to one support service gives you the following outstanding services and benefits:

» Learn more about innovation from a world class innovator and prize winner.

» Question and answer, about creativity and innovation - just ask.

» Ask for innovative opportunties in your area of work.

» Visions of the future based on the latest scientific discoveries, technological developments and innovations

» Request innovative ideas to help you find a solution to your challenge.

» Training on demand (task by task), and/or innovation coaching.

» Custom toys and tools

Assistance is available to you throughout the entire innovation process: the creative, development, and implementation phases.

Winning Solutions

You can benefit from the expertise of a world class innovator and winner of global innovation prizes!

Ideas for your innovative solutions

State your creativity brief and get lots of ideas that will help you to find innovative solutions.

Typically, results are provided within two weeks.

You will be given the opportunity to purchase the rights to any of these ideas. All remaining ideas, that were not purchased, remain the property of Innovation Future Specialist. You have no obligation to purchase any ideas.

Global innovation organisations and multinational corporations have benefited from the services of Innovation Future Specialist.

Questions and answers

Ask questions about creativity and innovation, and get clear answers and practical advice. Ask about opportunities, vision, policy, strategy, creative thinking, and the innovation process. Some answers may be produced within a day, but typically allow a week or so.

How to start

In the UK? Start today by asking ...

Please provide details of your business (e.g. your web site) so that you can receive relevant details and prices. Thank you.

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