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Your Benefits

These services offer you the benefits that arise from great innovations, which include:

» Making processes more effective and efficient

» Reducing costs

» Speeding up processes

» Improving quality

» Growing a business to increase its revenue

» Increasing profits

» Increasing your quality of life, and your worth

» Improving all aspects of your organisation

» Improving things for your partners and customers, and

» Developing environmentally sustainable solutions.

You will learn the ability to find unique solutions to any challenge, and to gain unique opportunities.

It is worth remembering that unlike any other improvement process, innovation always gives you unique benefits, and in that sense it is better than so called "best practice". The innovation training course for managers shows why best practice is a myth, but good practice is not; and it shows you how to make use of good practice when innovating.

The Best Service

When you choose this business you will realise that you probably picked the best online innovation business in the UK. The five star service delivers all of the good qualities you would expect from an established quality business, and goes even further to deliver you the benefits arising from 21st century science and technology. You will benefit from the most up to date findings; and in the world of today that is very important, as the rate of progress is increasing at an amazing rate.

See Five Star Service ★★★★★

See Winner of global innovation challenges!


These example scenarios serve to demonstrate how different types of business could benefit from the assistance of the Innovation Future Specialist.

Dynamising Dyson-like Businesses

Keywords: environment, air pollution, innovation, engineering, and multi-billion pound market-place.

A great UK success story: the company demonstrated great invention, design and engineering skills to become a classic innovator. The name is associated with a vortex hoover, and a few other indoor gadgets. Yet despite its great potential, and forward looking attitude, it was missing opportunities outside of its own box; which is a common outcome when everyone works and thinks within the box.

These services help companies, like Dyson, to set a vision that allows them to pursue opportunities that meet their full potential. In this case the biggest growth arises from considering opportunities in the out-door world, in particular, re-designing their current (and in the pipe-line) technologies to solve a massive world-wide problem: urban air pollution caused by diesel engined vehicles. The rapidly increasing demand for quick solutions to this serious problem means that a company like this can innovate to quickly become the leader in a new multi-billion pound market-place. The background to this challenge is presented here:
Six Solutions to Traffic Pollution in the 21st Century

Small and medium businesses

Innovation Future Specialist has worked with a wide range of SMEs, across all sectors, and understands their challenges and opportunities.

How to benefit

If you are a UK based company then you can benefit from the following:

» Environmental ideas: Reducing toxic emissions from diesel powered vehicles (PDF, 358kB)

» Zero emission vehicles (using an innovation better than batteries)

» Bright ideas and innovation consultancy

» Innovation coaching to become a better innovator

» Creativity and innovation training

» Innovation Future Forum: an effective innovation engine

» Ask about these support services

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