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Innovation in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

Sherwood Forest

Mansfield is located in the centre of old Sherwood Forest! On West Gate there is a plaque that marks the centre of the famous forest. Some of the ancient forest still remains today.

path through Sherwood Forest

Just a few miles away is a very old, large, tree called the Major Oak, which the legendary Robin Hood might have visited. See if you can spot that tree in these photos of Sherwood Forest.

The Mansfield based innovation consultant, Innovation Future Specialist, presents an innovative perspective of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Innovation in Mansfield

If you work in Mansfield then you are entitled to some fantastic innovation services at great value, from the award winning Innovation Future Specialist. This includes training, coaching and consultancy. See the current promotions.

Mansfield has a number of business parks, one of which includes two innovation centres for innovative startup businesses and growing businesses.


sketch of Mansfield map
Key: Business parks; Amazon facility; College and University Centre; Centre of old Sherwood Forest (near town centre).


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