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What is Innovation?

Quiz: What is Innovation?

This is a quiz to test your understanding of what innovation is. (If you are struggling see if your Notes help.)

What is the limitation of the following definition?

Definition: Innovation means doing things in a new way, or creating new things.

There is no limitation. It includes creative actions that, in isolation, are not strictly innovation. It does not mention science or invention. I do not know.

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Yes, creative actions alone are not enough to be classed as innovation.

Which of these is most accurate?

Innovation is always about maximising profits. Innovation delivers a significant impact in a marketplace or section of society. Creativity and innovation are the same thing. You have to be a scientist to innovate.

Innovation is a generic process that can be applied to any area.

Yes, innovation can have an impact in any area.

What usually sparks off an innovation?

Creativity, whether that be art or creative thinking that leads to new ideas. Discovery, including scientific discovery. Invention. All of the above.

Think about all the examples of innovation: think about new products and services.

Yes, all of these can spark off innovation: creativity, discovery and invention.

What best describes the term radical innovation?

Creativity led by hippies. Disruptive people in the innovation process. Invention. Creation of a completely new product or service, or a very unique way of doing something.

Please review the previous pages.

Yes, it is a radically new approach, but that does not guarantee a large impact.

What best describes the term disruptive innovation?

Disruptive people in the innovation process. Creativity led by hippies. Invention. It has a large impact across an entire marketplace, section of society, or globally.

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Yes, it disrupts the traditional way of doing things, and most have to adopt the new approach.

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