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What are your biggest challenges, and what are your greatest dreams? There is a powerful process that can deliver unique solutions to all of your challenges, and provide unique opportunities to realise your dreams.

Can you guess what this key process is? Select the correct answer:

A positive attitude Setting SMART goals Passion and determination Planning Gaining relevant knowledge and experience Innovation Creative thinking

That is not the powerful process, but it is very relevant and useful. It is worth developing your ability to do that well. Practise, practise, practise...

Yes, and innovation definitely is a process. If you do not follow the process then you are not practising effective innovation, you are practising trial and (mostly) error. If you want to become effective and efficient at innovation then you should learn the process.


You are encouraged to actively participate in the interactions and use the tools. In addition to the associated benefits, you might also experience a unique journey through this book - depending on your own preferences and the choices you make.


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