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Amazing Innovations in 2016

From an innovation perspective, the first decade of the 21st century was somewhat of an anticlimax because the big predictions we were led to believe in science fiction and future forecasting TV programmes did not happen. Then along came the second decade and things are really starting to take off - metaphorically and literally! See what happened in 2016!

Exponential progress will lead to great surprise

The pace of scientific discovery and technological development is partly driven by the continuing exponential progress being made in digital technologies. Moore’s Law means that in just 15 years computers should be over 1000 times more powerful than those of today! Yet in the next 15 years we can probably expect to also see the adoption of quantum computers, and for some computing problems this could lead to computers that are 10,000 times more powerful, perhaps more. So just reflect on what computers can do now and imagine what they will be able to do in 15 years!

Add to this all of the new scientific discoveries and technological developments arising over the next 15 years and you will be surprised, probably very surprised, at what will be achieved in the next 15 years.

Amazing things in 2016

You do not need to jump 15 years ahead though. There have been some pretty amazing discoveries and innovations just this year. You might need to pinch yourself, as you ask: Wow did that really happen in 2016?

This topic includes the following:

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