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This is a collection of articles on potential and actual innovative scenarios, for time-frames from now to the end of the 21st century.

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Big future impacts

Astrobot: The bottom line in space activity

A solution to the NASA Space Poop challenge and all other extra-vehicular activity by astronauts.

Sustainability Scale

A sustainability scale expressed in years (logarithmically); including examples.

City One designed by Innovation Future Specialist

The transport infrastructure for City One (a city in 2050) is shown, along with an example lunch trip.

Transport technologies in the era 2030 to 2070

The futuristic technologies that will make the transport of cities in 2050 possible. It includes Information and Communications Technology, AI, Robots, 3D Printers, New Materials and Nanotechnology, Self-driving Vehicles, Maglev, Virtual Reality and Remote Avatars!

Virtual Reality: A perfect simulation?

Virtual reality (VR) is already here, but how good will it get?

Reality: The remains of a perfect simulation?

How we got reality from the remains of a perfect simulation. Fact or science fiction? This story starts many years in the future (or is it the past?) ...

Solutions to Traffic Pollution in the 21st Century

In the near future most cities will probably do this. London may start in 2020.

Ideas to save the North Sea Industry

Innovate UK, which funds and supports new businesses on behalf of the UK government, is looking to experts in gaming, IT, virtual reality and digital for the “radical” solutions.

UK Start-up Competition

Six small businesses will be awarded up to £30,000 each to encourage development in the peer-to-peer revolution.

Small teams compete for the $30m Google Lunar X PRIZE

An inspiring set of videos about small teams of people following their dreams and building their own moon rovers.

Driving and Sustaining Innovation

The well written article "4 Unlikely Ways to Spark Transformative Innovation" is well worth reading.

Pigeons to monitor London air pollution

Thinking outside the box... Tweet a pigeon to get London air pollution readings.

Celebrate failure?

Be careful about which failures we "celebrate".

Big Innovations from Small Businesses

Some of the biggest innovations can come from smallest of businesses. For example...

Learn what innovation is for free in just 2 to 20 minutes: What is Innovation?

Google stimulates its creative spark

It is well known that large companies suffer the challenge of losing their innovative spark. Google, part of the world's most innovative company Alphabet, aims to keep its innovative spark by encouraging individuals to think innovatively. This includes 10X Thinking and 20 percent of staff time spent being creative.

Apple drops to Level 3 innovation

We all know that big, and old, businesses eventually lose their leading innovative edge. This can happen for a number of reasons, and in the case of Apple people might say it's the loss of...

Do we need a new financial model for socially beneficial innovations?

What's stifling spine surgery innovation? [financial aspects]

Innovation and PLC is it possible?

Inspired by Google selling Boston Dynamics robot company.

Bentley car innovation: The butler will see you now

A peek at their car for 2036.

Amazing corporate innovation: AWS outstrips parent company profits

Over 10 years Amazon Web Services (AWS) have innovated and grown into a business that may have overtaken the profits of its parent company, Amazon!

UK PLC still big on the innovation scene

It is reassuring to know that the UK is still a significant player in the worldwide innovation scene. The UK was the historic powerhouse of innovation: it created the industrial revolution! Many people might not know this but the UK is home to a World Heritage Site...

Innovative Corporations?

Are all large corporations innovative, are they really innovative? Well let's not beat around the bush with this one. Clearly all corporations are not innovative, or at least they are not innovative all of the time. Let's list a few failures...

Can machines come up with more creative solutions to our problems than we can?

Robotic film-making, 3D printing a metal bridge, a robot that draws, paints and tune into facial expressions. In the future, computers will even come up with thousands of designs for a bridge that meet our requirements.

Our future: When there are no jobs

What will it be like in 50 years, when there are no jobs? This considers the attitudes and debates now, and as we approach and pass the AI Singularity.

Moon base plans

There are plans to build a base on the moon, and this makes a lot of sense. The idea is to have a base near the moon's (south) pole, and 3D print the buildings using raw materials found on the moon. This would boost space innovation in lots of ways...

Supercomputing speeds up development

An example of how supercomputers are helping to speed up the development of new technologies; in this case for the generation of power. However, the approach is also applied to many other sectors.

Road intersections without stop traffic lights?

Get rid of the red traffic lights at road junctions and instead group cars and control their speed when approaching a junction. This would reduce delay at junctions. Is this true?

3D printing for manufacturing in space!

Ethics for Future Innovations

As Technology Barrels Ahead — Will Ethics Get Left in the Dust?

The Amazing World of 3D Printing

How 3D Printing Is Transforming the Way We Make Things

AI inspiration from a detailed analysis of a brain

Developing clever AI systems is not so much about programming these days, it's about copying how a brain works.

A Chip of Live Brain Neurons

Science fiction is rapidly becoming reality. The future of computing might be live neurons.

Google Lunar X PRIZE

An inspiring set of videos about people following their dreams and building their own moon rovers. The teams in the competition include people from all backgrounds across the world. A lot of them not only dream about sending something to the moon, they also aim to make the world a better place.

Russian nuclear power in the race to Mars

The Russians are using a nuclear powered rocket propulsion system to win the race to Mars.

Cancer cure

Potential cancer cure

AI beats champion

AI wins master of the Go game, which is said to be more complex than chess.

What's wrong with expert predictions about AI?

Unless you're living on Mars, or off the grid, then you should have seen some awesome predictions about artificial intelligence (AI) and what it might, and might not, achieve. So what do the experts predict about the future of AI?

Vehicles that drive themselves

We've all seen the Google cars that drive themselves right? Well cars and lorries that drive themselves will be tested in the UK. True or false?

Man planning to live forever

A man is planning to live forever and aims to achieve this within the next 30 years! True or false?

100 Amazing Years of Innovation

Over the last one hundred years, or so, we have benefited from the fantastic innovations. Just over one hundred years ago all of the following achievements were thought to be very unlikely or "impossible"...

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