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FREE Ideas for UK based employees

State your creativity brief and get lots of ideas, for FREE.

To be eligible for this, your employer must be based in the UK. You have to use your work email address so that it can be verified (against your web site) that your employer is in the UK.

Small print... As this is a free service you must accept that there is no warranty, no guarantee of fitness for purpose, you are responsible for any actions you take (not this business), there is no guarantee that these ideas are unique, and you accept the general purpose disclaimer at the bottom of this page. Results might be provided within two weeks but it could take longer. The right is reserved to refuse some briefs. This service may be removed at any time. You should seek permission from your manager, before using this service. All of these are reasonable terms and conditions.

How to get free ideas

Just sign up to the Innovation Future Forum to benefit from this free service and other extras.

After several days use of the IFS Creativity Engine you will get a list of ideas.

You will be given the opportunity to purchase any of these ideas. All remaining ideas, that were not purchased, will be published publicly after one month. So if you see an idea that is very useful to your organisation then you can keep it away from the public and your competitors by purchasing it. We negotiate a reasonable price, which is dependent on the potential impact of the idea, and how long you want to keep the idea off the public list for. You have no obligation to purchase any ideas.

The creativity brief will be published (along with the public ideas) but references to you and your organisation will be removed. So no one will know that you used the service.



Environmental ideas: Reducing toxic emissions from diesel powered vehicles (PDF, 358kB)

Note: Not all ideas will be as detailed as the example above.


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